Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Free Science Experiments

A few months ago I got a link for science experiments, we tried a couple and liked them but didn't for some reason keep going back to do more. Then last month we did one of the online classes for a rocket launch experiment with over 3000 other families...we became hooked. When our son found out that the woman on the other end was really....for sure....a for real.....ROCKET SCIENTIST....he was psyched!
And so were we.
We then signed up for a month of lessons, there are over 600 to choose from. If you are worried about teaching science to your children then this is a great way to get a science curriculum that you don't even have to teach.
So, now that we are hooked I've signed up as an affiliate with them and that means I get to pass out free science links to the lessons!!
I have two links to pass out today:

1) Your kids build a miniature hovercraft out of an old CD and a water bottle - it's pretty cool.
 Here's the link to it:
2) 30 complete experiments (normally costs $25) and it includes a free newsletter that gives you another free science experiment weekly in your email box. 
400 Science Experiment Guide

The lessons are free...completely....they always give you the option of joining but you don't have too.
We didn't for months and then did the live-teleclass and got hooked, the kid was excited and mom and dad were just as excited, maybe more so...
Even if you aren't looking for a curriculum they are just plain cool to try out at home.
Feel free to pass them on as well.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Review of Hot Dots,#174; Refills Set

Originally submitted at Learning Resources

Bring ordinary worksheets to life with fun lights and sound effects! 
Transforms existing worksheets into interactive electronic activities when used with Talking Hot Dots® Pen (EI-2770, available separately).
Includes 450 self-adhesive, conductive ink dots (150 for correct answers, 300 for negatives)

Versatile product - Love it...
By stargazerusa from Blackwood, NJ on 3/3/2011
5out of 5
Pros: Durable, Educational, Lots of Fun, Engaging, Interactive, Adaptable
Best Uses: Travel, Older Children, Special Needs, Young Children, Entertainment, Indoor
Describe Yourself: Homeschooling Teacher, Education Oriented, Stay At Home Parent
Was this a gift?: No
We love using the refill dots for our own flash cards and tests. Since money is always tight at home and in schools I reuse what I can wherever I can. I use the cardboard given in kids meals from fast food restaurants, the kind when collector cards are part of the toy, to make the pieces for the multiple choice dots.
I cut the cards in half and in quarters, wrap them in tissue/construction/wrapping paper and add one positive and the 3 negative dots. Then I attach small pieces of velcro to the back to be used on our made up flash cards. The half size ones get used on 5x8" cards and the quarters on 3x5" ones. This way the wrapped pieces with the dots can be turned and used over and over on different cards and if you are careful on placement of your answer selections you are able to change where the green hot dot is placed so kids aren't always sure where the "right" answer is located.
Its one of my favorite tools!