Saturday, December 31, 2011

School starts back up on Monday!

I can't wait! The Red Ranger I'm sure can...too bad...its back to schoolwork we go.

We have a new tablet now to start using with our schoolwork and we've just lined up a history Skype-ing series with friends of ours for probably March on the Oregon Trail.
Lots of new stuff from Christmas to add to our homeschool, some that The Red Ranger doesn't even realize are school things.....shhhhhhh, don't you dare tell him!
This weekend I'm working on getting things ready for Monday morning...its my New Year's thing to do instead of drinking....I'm such a party animal.....:-)

Hope everyone is well, have a safe and Happy New Year!


  1. Just make sure he doesn't accidentally link onto your blog from the tablet he keeps playing with.

  2. Good thing you said that, note to self not to log into blog from, I'm guessing this happened to you?

  3. My kids got gifts that were educational too:) Played word boggle yesterday and they had fun didn't even complain it was like school and I got spelling in:) We start back to school tomorrow and I know it will be a struggle with us having taken nearly 3 weeks off:) Happy New Year!!