Friday, July 30, 2010

A reprieve...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I've been getting our new system down and also introducing new things to our school day but I've also wanted to get our curriculum down, post what we do each day and how things are changing, etc. but I've been so bogged down with things that its just hasn't been happening. 

Today, I found the solution on another homeschooling blog......

Heart of the Matter Online is  hosting a "Not Back to School Blog Hop" and each week during the month of August is a theme. Care to guess what the first two weeks are? Go on...take a guess....Yup, you got it. The first week is curriculum and the second is school room week. Deep breath...there that feels better already. And in case I find something I really like while hopping around that I would use instead or add to what we are doing, there will be plenty of time to do so before mid-september. If you are interested you can join the hop with the button below. 

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Meanwhile for August we will be working with our ocean theme. Since its still summer here with some more days of hitting the shore and boards in Wildwood, NJ it will fit in perfectly for our lessons and there's the added bonus that the Carson-Dellosa Facebook Page is having a bulletin board contest so guess what our bulletin board will be. Then we'll switch into our Cleopatra/Egypt theme because when we take off the first couple of weeks of September, when everyone else is going back to school, we'll be hitting The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia for the Cleopatra exhibit. I'll be sure to add what we are doing with both units of study in case anyone else wants to do their own thing.

Also hoping that I get this blog thing figured out soon. I believe I fixed the comment section now below this homeschooling page so you should be able to comment directly on this page now. Now, if I can just figure out how to post to each page individually instead of it going on the main blog I will be very happy. Sigh, of course now I can't swap back the bold and italic. I better quit while I'm behind! I also cannot get the caps out of fix all the different fonts, it seems my technology problems of yesterday are continuing today....heavens, I may have to shut down the computer!

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