Monday, April 11, 2011

Free live science tele-class TODAY given by a real rocket scientist!

We did this last time and got hooked. Usually she gives away free science kits, DVD's and almost always gives you a month of access to the online science lessons for only $1 during the teleclass (normally it costs $37 a month). Once you try the classes out - online - you might just want to keep going with them for awhile. Its one of the things I just started splurging on for homeschooling. Nothing like a real rocket scientist giving your kid science lessons!

Tele-class starts at 3pm Eastern time USA....we'll be there!

Subject: In Case You Forgot,It Happens in 4 Hours
In case you forgot, Aurora’s live hands-on science video tele-class will be starting in just a few hours.
(Great science lesson for this week)
In this free video tele-class she’ll show us how  to make microscopes and telescopes.  Not to mention giving us the scoop on seeing this month’s meteor shower.
Pretty cool.
You can still register at:
I know that last time she did one of these the tele-class was maxxed out (over 3,700 people wanted to participate, but they only had 3000 spots available online). 
I don’t know how close they are to their limit right now, but if you want to be sure to avoid getting shut out, you can still register now with the link above.
See you in a few hours!
P.S. Grab a spot by registering at: 

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