Saturday, August 28, 2010

Enjoying the last days of summer....

Well, August did not go exactly as planned with our school work but that's okay. Instead of us being full on everyday we have been doing bits and pieces while we enjoy ourselves. We have been hitting the shore (we live in NJ, USA so we call the beach the shore, unlike the rest of the world. LOL!) on DH's days off or other things locally. Its us hanging onto the last of summer I guess.
So, we have being doing weekly spelling, language arts (parts of speech actually) and math. Next week we'll be starting full on but we'll still be taking advantage of those days off to hit the shore while everyone else is back at school and work, its much less crowded that way.

Anyway this is what we have been working on the past three weeks:
Grade 2
Week 1 (8/10 - 8/14) -
* Spelling words - gas, sat, had, bad, mad, rag, bat, wag, pat, bag.
First Day - introduced the list to him, matched the list to index cards and spelling out loud from them.
2nd Day - he was able to spell half the list without looking at them again, by the end of the day he had all 10 words down. We also identified vowels and consonants and wrote words in a sentence.
3rd Day - wrote the list of words from memory 3x each, did worksheet from book for words and brainstormed other words ending in ad, ag, as and at.
4th Day - wrote a rhyme using brainstormed words from day before, took spelling test.

* Reading - studying parts of speech.
Read Q is for Duck; an Animal Guessing Game (Mary Elting/Michael Folsom).
1st Day - Explained what a noun was and he picked all of the nouns in the book. He then wrote the animal nouns adding some of his own to the list.
2nd Day - Proper nouns - created names for the list of animals from yesterday's list, wrote those names making sure each began with a capital letter. Completed 2 worksheets from book (common nouns/proper nouns).
3rd Day - Changed each singular name from book into plural nouns. 2 worksheets from book (singular nouns/plural nouns).
4th Day - Introduced what a verb is and then he picked out the verbs in storybook, writing them in alphabetical order.
5th Day - Wrote an original noun/verb book using the proper nouns from 2nd day's work.

* Math -
Along with other math work (addition/subtraction) from Learn at Home book we read the book Domino Addition (Lynette Long). Then, using real dominoes created addition and subtraction problems using the pips on each domino. Completed worksheet from LAH book.

Week 2 - (8/17 - 8/22) -
* Spelling Words - wet, pen, rest, tell, best, well, set, fell, men, met.
For the week we continued the pattern from week 1 using different worksheets from LAH book.

* Reading - Read Tacky the Penguin (Helen Lester).
For the week he learned what verbs were, identified the verbs in the book, learned past and present tense with activities, linking verbs and changing words using ed and ing, also completed related worksheets in LAH book.
* Math - Additon and subtraction using numbers 1-10, fact families and using manipulatives including dominoes, parts and whole, improved speed and accuracy of addition/subtraction with flash cards.

Week 3 - (8/24 - 8/28) - 
* Spelling Words - fix, win, hit, still, tin, will, bill, sit, fit, hill.
Same as first two weeks.
* Reading - Adjectives - picking and describing objects around the house and outside.
Read Six Sick Sheep: 101 Tongue Twisters (Joanna Cole). During the week we identified adjectives from the book, made our own twister, described his own toys and played a guessing game by describing an unseen object with adjectives switching who guesses while playing and completed related worksheets from LAH book.
* Math - Part-part-whole frames, missing addends, count on's to find missing addends, skip counting in missing addends, using subtraction to find missing addends and checking answers, completed worksheets as usual.
* Social Studies - Read the books This Is the Way We Go to School: A Book About Children Around the World (Edith Baer) and the fable The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. Used both stories to compare and discuss neighborhoods.
By the way, the book This Is the Way We Go to School is great and one that we will be adding to our library at home and Six Sick Sheep may also be added since we need to use it for a few weeks in our studies.

Week 4 looks like this:
* Spelling Words - job, rock, cob, pop, got, lot, hop, box, sock, fox. With a review of phonic skills of short o vowels, the ck sound and the letter x. Also, while typing this list I'm adding the Dr. Seuss book Fox In Socks, it will be perfect with this list.
* Books for the week are Frog and Toad Are Friends (Arnold Lobel), Adventures of Taxi Dog (Debra and Sal Barracca) and if I can find it City Seen From A to Z (Rachel Isadora). The last two books are part of our social studies for the week but City Seen is hard to find in the library so I may end up using This Is the Way We Go to School from last week or something else.
* Math - Subtrahends and Minuends.
We'll also be starting our science and writing journals. More on next week...well, next week.

I am very happy that The Red Ranger's spelling, math and parts of speech lessons are going so well...far better than I thought they would. We've also continued with our geography (oceans and continents of the world) and our "Where in the USA and Where in the World is...." (daily) map work, he really enjoys map work. We were going to do a unit study branching off from oceans and continents but since we have a unit study coming up next week on Native Americans for four weeks I think it would be too much. So, we will slowly continue adding to oceans and continents by with animals that live in the seas and continue from there. It looks like it will be an ongoing study instead of a themed unit study. Also, our LAH curriculum book has an ocean study of its own coming up at week 10 with lots of books to read and our local aquarium (Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ) offers a week of study especially for homeschoolers in the fall. We didn't get to do this last year because of DH's illness but I'm hoping to fit it in this time around.
We'll also be introducing a Cleopatra study this fall because our local museum, The Franklin Institute, has a big Cleopatra exhibit going on until the end of the year and we have to take advantage of that AND I missed the King Tut exhibit and refuse to miss this one!!
Sorry....Mommy rant there......I'm better you can we are busy and it will get even busier as the weeks progress. I'm hoping to get more pictures up for the Not Back to School Hop but there just hasn't been any time. Hope you enjoy the waning days of summer!!

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