Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Very cool homeschool site for Spelling

I have to thank my friend Renee for this....Thanks Renee!.....
This will work beautifully with our weekly spelling words, add fun and be part of his computer lessons.

Spelling City is a spelling and vocabulary website that uses your own spelling/vocab words. The site will teach, test and use games to help your child with their weekly spelling or vocab words. It verbally spells out the words in the learn section and then uses it in a sentence. The test section (you have to click each individual box) will say the word which your child then types into the box, they can also use the buttons to have the word said again or used in a sentence again, both are done initally upon clicking on the box. You have to do all of the spelling words before clicking on the check me as it does the whole test as a whole. It grades you, allows you to print the report or a certificate. Under the games section there are games and learning activities such as sentence writing practice, my son enjoyed almost of them. I can actually see using this more and more on a daily basis along with and instead of a couple of things we have already started that seem sort of stuffy and old fashioned. I love the idea of him taking his test this way as well.

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  1. I will have to check this out! A huge portion of our home school is done online as well.

    Thanks for following SHEP-I look forward to reading more your blog!