Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Curriculum for Curriculum Week - Not Back To School Blog Hop

Not Back to School Blog Hop
 Our curriculum so far.
ABC For Fitness - Several times daily - 30 minutes for the day.

Morning Meeting Work consisting of calendar, weather, letters, words, vocab. for the week.
Geography - US, World, and themed studies.
1. August - Oceans of the World and the sea life in them with workbooks, scanopedia and other materials. Twice a week.
2. US - Identifying states, flags of the states. Will expand on each states info as needed. Twice a week.
3. With the Oceans, we'll be studying the continents of the globe and some of their countries along with animals and flags. Once or twice a week.
History -  Will be tied in with the geography studies above. One day US history, one day World.
Will also be doing a unit study on Egypt and Cleopatra across subjects to be followed by a visit to the Cleopatra exhibit in Philadelphia at the Franklin Institute.
Science - Two or three times a week. SuperCharged Science program and Space, experiments (physics), dinosaurs, nature from many other sources.
* ADD-ON - Updated 8/3/2010 - The Young Scientists Club - See update below.
Art - Palette of Fun - 4H curriculum, grades K-6. Plus other Arts and Crafts from other sources and themed.
Music - Beginning guitar and piano.

For now these are our main books:
All of these are in binders and I'm using the page protector's over them to preserve them.

  • Learn at Home Series from Carson Dellosa - it gives you an entire year's worth of lesson plans to help you start off with, done week by week. Its a great starting point.
  • Flash Kids Series - Complete Curriculum from B&N.
  • And the Big Second Grade Workbook from School Zone.
Supplemental Books: Most of these tie into our centers.
  • Learning with Literature series, two books one each for a Math twist and Science Twist. For grades K-2. (Carson Dellosa)
  • Several Homework Booklets from Carson Dellosa on phonics, grammar, reading comprehension.
  • Supplemental Workbooks and flashcards for math, science, history, geography, space. Most of these have come from the $1 bins at Target and the Dollar Store. They are perfect for independent work, busy or I'm finished already work, or as compliments to other lessons. 
Another tool that I'm adapting for us is the Hot Dots system. They actually have extra dots for making your own flashcards, tests, etc. and if you have a child like mine that likes to check his own answers, they get immediate feedback on whether they are correct or not from the Hot Dots pen. I also purchased Learn Arounds from Really Good Stuff for the same reasons but with a different approach.

None of this includes my books from Usborne yet as I just can't decide what I want (or rather what I can afford!). So I'll add them later.
We also have a science program, HOP reading (2nd Grade) and I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff but its a start for this blog. I'm sure as I read the other blogs in the hop I'll realize what I forgot or find something else we might want to add. My husband is also helping with science (computers, ham radio, electricity, music). Not sure about a language just yet.
Here are some of the photo's of our books, I haven't included our science, history or geography because this post is just getting too long. Can't wait to see what everyone else has! Thanks for dropping by!

* UPDATE: Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 -
As expected while reading other blogs in the hop we have found the first add-on for our curriculum this year.
It's The Young Scientist's Club and it came from the blog Fortunately For You Books.
I can't wait to order the first kit for The Red Ranger, I love the way each kit builds on what is made and learned in the previous kit for use in future kit's.


  1. Fun! Hope you have a great school year! Thanks for inviting us into your "home" on blog land!

  2. Sounds like a great plan you have scheduled. If your interested I am hosting a statehood postcard swap on my blog.