Thursday, August 5, 2010

Teaching Time to my son or sometimes he directs where the lesson goes...

While doing lessons the other day we had one of those moments where The Red Ranger directs where the lesson goes. We were doing a telling time worksheet and then matching the times on the worksheet with our handheld clocks and he was loving it so I pulled out our time flash cards (analog and digital) which led to one of our workstations. I put in the cards as digital, The Red Ranger then pulled out the clock face and matched it and then self-checked by flipping over the flash card.

We spent so much time on this lesson with 5 more folders to go in our workfolder system but this was one of THOSE moments, you know the ones where the learning is more of a game so they think its a break!! This of course had now led to me having to go back to the $ store (they come in packs of 4) to pick up more of the clock faces but its going to be great. My son took one of clocks for his room and I used one for our season block on our morning meeting chart so really need to get more for the workstation now. In case you are wondering the Mom really liked how this all worked out as well!
The hanging pocket chart came from the $ section at Target (the pocket charts there are actually $2.50 but still worth it, you'll be seeing lots of them in these posts). The season sheet was from one of our workbooks. 

The analog/digital time flash cards were a freebie I got from the Carson Dellosa Facebook Page last year (I got a whole package of cool free stuff from them just for being a fan on their page and posting).
My husband has said more than once that the kids (teens) working for him do not understand analog time. If it isn't a digital clock they can't tell time and heaven forbid you say "be back at quarter-after or half-past", they haven't a clue what you are talking about. These are teens GRADUATING from high school!!
AND people wonder WHY we homeschool??!! LOL!!

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